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Maracuja srl was established in Rome, Italy, on November 14th ? 2008.

Why Maracuja: The human brain is composed by two hemispheres with alternated and complementary functions: the left side has the logical-rational thinking modality, and the right side has the intuitive modality. Maracuja, which is the Brazilian name for passion fruit, reflects this philosophy. The Maracuja flower, with its strong and precise colors, symbolizes our left brain hemisphere: professionalism, seriousness, precision, and respect. The Maracuja fruit symbolizes our right brain hemisphere: passion, creativity, innovation, and availability.

Who we are: The Maracuja staff is composed by professionals (directors, cameramen, sound and light engineers, production assistants, journalists, and editors) with an extent experience in TV production, movie making and advertising setors.

The company is directed by its founder Thierry Cros, French, journalist, graduated in Marketing from Inseec ? Paris, and Communications from UCLA (University of California of Los Angeles), who has been already a correspondent in Italy for L?Equipe, France Football, and RTL. Currently he is the correspondent for Telefoot (TF1), RMC and Eurosport in Italy. Thierry Cros is also the founder and director of Interazioni srl.

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Maracuja srl


Via Famagosta 63
00192 Roma - Italia

Tel.: (39) 0637501005
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E-mail: dir@mprod.eu

amministratore unico

Thierry Cros
Cell.: (39) 3395372580



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